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Kirribili Hell


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I ventured down to Kirribili today for a change of scene, and the safety of the harbour.

Got to my spot just before high, and got to work berleying and all that stuff. Well it was very quiet and I wasn’t even getting any taps. Finally after say 30 mins, I got the little guy in the pic (he wanted me to send the photo to his family with the Opera House in the picture...lol). I was getting frustrated with no action, when usually I have the place dialled in and get at least 5 or 6 in a session. Changed from cabbage to weed, changed depths, and in close, out far etc etc....nothing. I was planning on going home, then I hooked a Surgeon. Now I dare anyone of you out there to tell me that ounce for ounce there are stronger fish than a Surgeon. I hardly ever manage to land them. I was using my usual set up. Custom built 13ft rod from Bohm in Narrabeen, Alvey Luderick Special with 12lb Maxima pink backing, and 8lb Vanish leader. I have landed 5 Surgeons on 8lb line from this spot, but this one today absolutely smoked me in less than 15 seconds. When hooked, there is no time to do anything except hang on and pray to Allah, Buddha, or Jesus you choose. I almost got friction burn on my palm from the reel( no drag on the alvey!!!!). This deranged maniac just hit the afterburners and destroyed me. I had a grin from ear to ear, because it is just so out of control, and you honestly know that your chances of landing them are pretty slim, because there is plenty of structure and kelp to lose. It is just plain unfair. Now I have battled some pretty big Arctic Char, Massive Pike and monster Lake Trout and Salmon in Canada, but without a shadow of doubt the Surgeon is the toughest opponent I have had to dance with. Having said that, all I can think of is those Samsonfish in WA that were mentioned the other day.

Anyway, I know everyone can always better one another with “stories” and so on, and my narratives may be monotonous, and no I’m not into Kings or Jews, but I like to share my fishing with everyone on this site. I hope everyone has a great weekend, and gets to post some good stories on Sunday night. And make sure you take your camera to take pics- it is always something I look forward to everyday when I log on. So take lots of photos!.




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Shame you got smoked, Matt! We only seem to get little ones up here ....... tho most of us have been smoked by 'big fish', so never get to see them to identify whether blackies, drummer or surgeon. Must ask the other guys if they've ever landed big ones!!

Sounds like a great sport fish! :)


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