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Squid In The Hacking 6-12-08


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decided to go landbased at hacking and possibly get a kingie or jew and some squid.

(sorry landbased decided late so didnt call you along to get some squid)

Arrived at 5pm within 15minutes had a bucket full of yellowtail with a PB at 45cm+++ yakka :1prop:

Chucked out a livie and started flicking a 3 inch bass lure out... First cast hook on something nice 2 mins after droped it... Probly a trevally alot in the hacking atm. After 5 casts 3 plastics were totally demolished by the jackets :ranting2: So changed to a new orange squid jig i bought to giv a go... It was a orange 1.8 squidjig Brand : Daiwa costs about the same as a yo-zuri 20-30$$$

1st cast a nice litle squid follows my jig all the way under the wharf and just staring at it but wouldnt hit 10 seconds after it was jetting away at very high speeds the KAPPPPOW!!!!!!! :bump0ee::bump0ee: staring at the water sheeeeeeeeeeting myself... A skool of kingies slammed the squid kingies over 1m long and other not 1 undersized...

quickly put my livie in the right position but it wasn't touched so went to option 2 fresh squid strip..Still no touch although saw a massive bream take it in its mouth and then spit it back out...

30mins after continued trying to get some squids... Attracted a whole skool and got 7 in no time put a few out livies which were demolished by pickers :ranting2:


Took the remaining home with the bigger one for dinner Sashimi

For those who wanted to know how to prepare sashimi squid heres a picture off my dinner tonigt :yahoo:


Good luck and dont catch all the fish cheers


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Hi A Dawg

sounds like a good time though I must admit i am wondering where you are fishing. There are three things I am having trouble getting in the port and that is Jewies, Kingfish and especially squid. the last is the most frustrating as everybody seems to be getting them but me. Any tips would be appreciated (i dont want many just enough to get that Jewwy).

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