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Kings And More Kings


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Hi all after seeing all the reports of all the Kings around decided to hit the harbor on Saturday.got the family up at 4:30am and off to Rosevill ramp,Got there and shit man 100 boats already out going to be a busy day looking for places to find fish where there has not been anyone before you.

Well did the usual found some bait and off to the channel markers to look for the kings on SP... One look around and all you see are boats and more boats around all the favorite markers .OK so we join them.Well went to all the spots looking for anything but not a king to be found :05: tried SP of all make size and colour..but nothing :mad3: SO what now..it was really hot and my little ones wanted to go for a swim,so off to a beach near manly anchor the boat up and we all go for a swim for an hour or so.

After a good lunch and a swim we are geared up to find those Kings,Off to middle harbor we go,But the weather is changing and a rather hectic Southerly is starting to blow the shit out of the place.

Stopped in Middle harbor and put the first squid down on a small sinker ,loaded the other rod with a yakker and off we go start trolling between the moorings.We had not gone 50m when off goes the squid grab the rod and the fight is on I get the wife to steer the boat,shit off goes the other rod :1yikes: now the wind is blowing at 40km the wife is stressed out :ranting2: as the boat is a mission to control I have one rod in one hand and the other I give to my 4 year old and tell him to wind lad and don't let the rod go.. :biggrin2: supporting the little guy and keeping my fish away from all the other lines and boat moorings was real mission.

After some frantic boat manoevering and serious pulling we landed both kings.. my son was overjoyed his first king. :yahoo:

This was the start of what turned out to be 14 kings landed and only on lost. :thumbup:

All were released to fight another day.Total tally me 10, kiegan 2,wife 2 so all had a go even the Little 2 year old got to reel one in with my help,don't want Stella's to take a swim.. :1yikes:

So we all had a great day cant wait for the next time. king were all 60-70cm no big ones but really good fun.Want to find them and try the fly rod on my next trip.



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Good one mate, glad you had a great day with the family. It really puts me off going anywhere near the harbour when there are a million other boats on the same mission! Oh well guess that is city living.

thanks for the report and pics

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That is outstanding mate.

Very dangerous letting the wife steer the boat..... But that little fella does not look like he was going to let go for love nor money.

Just a cheeky joke girls. I'd give anything for my girl to even think about coming out on the boat.

Top Post Wayne.

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Hey Megabite,

I see you have an $800 Stella in a $17 rod holder.... mmmm I did that once! :1onono:


I thought it was more than once Ceph? :074:

Was ment to chase the reds yesterday with React and Pat but didn't get past the heads....

It was just to messy to go get bashed around all day....

Ended up chasing the rats on the markers with plastics. Got a few to the boat but all very small.....

We only had snapper plastics, jerkshads and pogys. The shads got them....

Later in the morning after a good feed at the fish markets we went for a quick spin up stream in the jew holes around gladesville/putney. First drift Pat gets his first jew on plastics. Only a little tacker but a jew all the same. It would have only been 1kg tops......

Should be a great late season once these rats put on some more weight....


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Hi Ceph, mate what an awesome day, you must be over the moon to be able to take the whole family fishing, and to give them all Kingies, wish my dad did that :1prop: well done, and great story too.

P.S. watch those Stella's :1yikes:

Yep I think its time to upgrade to SS rod holders thanks for the advice.....lads :thumbup:



Hey Megabite,

I see you have an $800 Stella in a $17 rod holder.... mmmm I did that once! :1onono:

Hi Ceph man if it went for a swim I would have been in after it .....believe me :wife: but will upgrade the holders..Did you lose your Stella? :1yikes:

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