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Flatties In The Bay


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Kept a keen eye on the weather forecast last night with the hope of getting out for an hour or two early this morning. Armed with some tiny poddies and the usual lures, I hit the bay at 6:30am and things were quiet for the first hour as the tide slowly poured out. Nailed a 39cm flatty on a SP and then got a 46cm number on my fav HB (pink manns stretch 5+). Decided to cross the river and one the way my HB was nailed by a good fish. After a carefully fought 5 minute tussle, a 63cm fish is landed. :thumbup: I was using 3lb braid and a 10lb leader. The tide had caused me to drift a good 300m and as soon as my lure hit the water, another fish of 48cm added to the feed. I then got two undersized flatties and two undersized whiting all hitting the same lure in the next 5 minutes. :tease: Things quietened down but I was happy as I had a good family feed and was home in time to take the little bloke to a party at 11am.

Cheers, Rob



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nice catch.

where were you fishing?

I was out sunday morning and hardly got a bite on both bait and SPs. didn't really see anyone else getting much action either. I did a couple of drifts around the entrance to wooloware bay and into the leases on the north side, then a couple of drifts around towra point.

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Got the two biggest near entrance to Woolooware bay and the bite was hot for a 10 minute period with about 4 or 5 fish coming aboard (mostly undersized in about 10' of water.

in that case we probably crossed paths!

glad you had better fortune than myself!

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