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Hi all,

Me and the italian stallion headed out today for the plastic workshop. Even though we were late due to having one to many drinks :beersmile: and a couple of :smoke: but we finally made it there. There i meet Michael top bloke (thanks for a good day). So we rigged up and headed out for a fish. Italian stallion was the first to hook up on a small chopper tailor only to lose it in front of us :05: . Then Marco had to leave us to go motorbike riding. Later on me and Michael were lucky enough to go out with Chris on his boat where he landed one bream and i lost a nice one also :05: thanks heaps for that Chris really appriciate it. Got back in and everyone had disappeared so we decided a move was in place we headed over to Canada Bay in Five Dock and before long i hooked up on to a nice flattie on a 1/16th jig head on a size 2 hook with new penny 3 inch minnow gulp. Was very happy with that so after a couple of happy snaps he was released to fight another day. All in all a top day and thanks to everyone who made this possible. And after that i arrived home to find dinner on the table and a nice cold glass of wine made by my beautiful wife (Mrs slayer666)

Cheers Joe :1fishing1:


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