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Garmin 450s Advice?


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Hi Raiders, Hoping someone may have some advice for me. My Garmin 450S plotter/sounder started playing up on the water yesterday. It was working fine in sounder mode and then started to tell me the water was 5 degrees then I get a message that my transducer is not connected? I shut down a few times for the same result. Today after cleaning and drying the unit I plugged it in and its acting as though it is only a GPS unit and none of the software icons for the sounder are coming up in the menus. It seems like either a transducer failure or a software problem. I'm going to try and test the unit on my friends boat on Tuesday and try and isolate the issue - with his Garmin transducer which fits to my unit. I'm really hoping I won't be looking at replacement since I've only had this expensive thing for about a year.

Does anyone have any similar experiences or sound advice they can offer?

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