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Hi all as there are so many kings about I love my fly fishing and really am going to make a trip out this week only with the fly rod, will take the 9wt and the big gun 12wt just incase there are some bigger models around. Witch flies work best for the kings I take anything white in color and do you use a sinking line or floating?

Can anyone give me some pointers of where to go besides the most common places like the marker buoys.



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hey there mega,

i have caught a few kings on yellow/green surf candies and these dog tooth fly Big Eyes (i dont know if they make these anymore) and another not sure of the name its by felty its olive green and white bottom, works pretty good too. anything white would be good too. I use an intermediate line, but sinking would be also good, probs stay away from floating.

i have picked up most of my kings casting at schools salmon/taylor and letting my fly sink below the school, with a and mix up the retrieve few short and sharp then a few long pulls.

hope that helps, or if you have already been out how did it go?

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