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Leaving The Jighead In The Sp


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I forgot to ask at the SP clinic, but can you leave the jighead in the SP after using it in saltwater, and just rinse it off or soak it in fresh to stop it rusting? Not with gulps or other juiced up ones, but squidgies and the like. Or is it better to take them off and WD-40 the jigheads?


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Pull the SP off, dispose carefully and rinse down the jighead with fresh and dry. I wouldn't use WD on them.

Personally I untie them cos they rot under the knot. To be honest most times I chuck the jig anyway.



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Last week I did a rejuggle of all my jigheads from the 'old' storage method of having them all thrown into a single snaplock bag that then accompanied me everywhere - to the 'new' method of sorting by weight and hook size in a plano box..

I really didnt want the mix of old and new jigheads rusting together so I boiled a pot of freshwater and soaked the old jigheads in there giving them the odd mix.. after a couple of pots I figured most of the salt must have dissolved..

Then laid out the jigs on a few bits of newspaper and silicon sprayed the lot (lightly).

1 week later and no rust spots and no real trace of the silicon spray.

Now that I am a bit more organised I make sure that any lures/jigheads that come into contact with the salty stuff get thrown in a seperate plastic container and when home get washed with hot water and lightly touched up with silicon spray.

Boating is expensive but its another thing completely to waste money by throwing perfectly good jig heads away after each fishing trip..

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Oh too right I re-use everything I can, everythings bloody expensive for me at the moment. And besides that, I just walk down to the harbour some days and have a quick flick for 30 mins, I'm definately not not gonna chuck the jighead or the plastic after that.

Cheers fellas

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