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Sunday At The Peak, The 12 Mile And Cape Banks


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Hey Raiders,

Went out on Sunday looking to try for every species known to man.

First up - get the livies. None on the drums, none on the breakwall, none on Molineux, none at the suction but finally found them on Watts. The yakkas were a bit big but beggars cant be choosers.

Went to the peak in nice conditions. Water was 21.5 and blue but no shows on the sounder. Decided to go to the peak and lighten it's leatherjacket population. Anyone can do it - if you have a downrigger with wire on it, attach a heavy duty wire trace, 3 droppers and a couppla pounds of lead on a 60lb breakaway trace and go to it. The jackets are excellent eating.

After anchoring in 113m of water (right on the southern edge) the current was quite strong but workable. The jackets were there in their numbers but unfortunately, the size was quite small. We only managed 7 nice ones before the wind picked up and pulled the anchor prongs out of the reef.

A few free drifts was a bit too fast so we went back to the peak to see if there were any shows. The wind had picked up even more so we went back to cape banks to anchor up and try for a red. No sooner had the anchor caught when we got 20 knots of southerly! GGRRrrrrr!

Up with the anchor and trolled around the heads half-heartedly for a kingie - no show so go home.

...but next week, if it has fins, it had better watch out.....mind you, it will be a full moon on the saturday - time to rethink the strategy...

Hey Scrubworm,

if you read this - I'll be trying the afternoon 4:00pm to 10:00pm for bream/whiting/flathead - the afternoon rising tide corresponds to your scenario last month when you brained them. The arvo rising tide will not be as strong as the morning tide - see how our theory holds up....

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