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Swing And Shift


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Does anyone watch that show " Swing and Shift Couriers" on SBS?.

Having been living OS for 8 years I obviously haven't seen any Oz TV.

This show is so bloody funny and brilliant. They have captured the full gamut of characters from Westies to Wogs and Maori's. They offend every creed...lol

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Never heard of it before this thread....i work an arvo shift so i miss a lot of evening shows, loved "fat pizza"

so i'll definitely have to record it next time it's on....thanks for the heads up nanook :biggrin2:

haha for sure if you liked fat pizza you will love swift and shift...cant wait till it comes out on dvd:P

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thanks for the heads up on this cracker of a show. :074::074: ..

i dont watch the idiot box really as not alot on but i just found this on youtube and it cracked me up..

have now programed sbs to be taped whenever this is on now :biggrin2:

for those that havnt seen it check it out...



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