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Good Places To Find Squid In Northern Sydney Waters?


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hi all have just updated my tackle box with a whole heap of yo zuris and basically am hoping to catch my first squid........only one ive ever 'caught' so far sprayed the sh*t out of me with ink before swimming away haha..so now i want to eat it's friends

keep trying almost every week but dont seem to be having a lot of luck/going to the right places

if anyone knows any good squidding spots in the hawkesbury/pittwater/the entrance id greatly appreciate if you could please let me know, either by here or a pm

thanks a lot

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the inkers are in pittwater in numbers at the moment, although small after there breeding season.

as they are small, you will need the smaller jigs ( the 1.8s ), having said that, i the largest i use in the 2.5's

Have a crack at the nth end of Currawong, and the kelp beds at west head. we have been doing well in those areas.


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