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Yakking With Terry


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Hi guys

Met up with Terry (Dogtooth has seen him on his yak fishing for kingies at Botany) for a fish in the lake - we hit the Tuncurry leases & hooked up on some small flatties & bream on hb lures. Then the weather took a turn for the worst & he hightailed it for home, just as it hit.

The rain was about to pour down, so we headed for home just as it hit!


An osprey was the silent sentinel - he stayed there for about 1hr, just watching the mullet flop around in the water below him!


A local always put messages on his lawn - I have seen Happy Birthday and now Merry Xmas!! Very clever!

Next day, Wendy & I went out & she got into a nice flattie on sp - she rarely takes out bait now & even has some hbs as well!!


I am heading for Canberra tomorrow with Keith, he competes in another 1/2 Ironman on the weekend. We will be staying with a fishing buddy there & Kim & I plan on heading to Jindy on Sun for 2 nights, to get some trout fishing in! Time to dust off the fly rod again! Must be more gentle in my 'strike' this time! Busted off a really nice one last year!! Will be back home again mid next week.

Cheerio & tight lines


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That's a top photo with the threatening sky background Roberta. Although, he looks very "peaceful" :074:

The local Forster bait shops must be annoyed with you and Wendy. They'll be out of business soon. :1prop:

I hope you have a great time down south. Looking forward to seeing a great trout report when you get back.



PS Thanks for the dvd suggestion.

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You're certainly getting a lot of fishing in with your friends, Roberta. I'll bet Wendy's really pleased she met you and got into the yaks. She's looking very professional in the pic, and the yak looks just like a one piece with Wendy sitting in it.

I hope you have a nice time in Canberra Roberta and that Keith does well in the 1/2 Ironman and that you enjoy a nice dinner of trout and caviar and have a few bottles of French champagne on the side. :thumbup:


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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