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Just A "little" Bass Session


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Howdy folks,

Its been about a hundred years since I've posted a report as its been that long since I've wet a line so whatever I caught this afternoon was getting photographed and put up, so... here goes.

I decided to fish the Emu Plains side of the river and walk the bank along River Rd up from the bridge. There's some nice looking territory in there and I'm sure there must be some good fish but I could only raise the micro's today. There's millions of them, they followed the lure like flies right to my feet.

Anyway, walked the bank using a betts spin. I high sticked it across the top of the weed to the bank. All three fish hit the lure very close to the bank as you'd expect.

Saw a very large eel swim by and also a nice water dragon didn't like the look of me and hurried into the water which was nice to see.

Anyway, here's some pics of some baby bass. Might have a few more goes along there on a nice hot late afternoon when the insects are out and see if the bigger fish want to play.






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G'day Dave

Hit that same area a couple of weeks ago with similar results - 6 small fish with a couple not much bigger than the lure. There's some nice rocks and natural structure they hide under on that side. Very frustrating season so far on the nepean bass wise, but I've had good results with other species - some good size freshwater mullet and big carp up to 8 kgs.



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