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Brooklyn Bridge


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Heya All,

About time I've posted something let alone going fishing! Work has been pretty hectic and had to work from home last sunday hence missed out on the SP workshop! :( ..spewing... :mad3:

Anywhos..planning to drive down to Brooklyn and fish under the bridge landbased this Saturday...Solo mission so far and planning to leave pretty early (depends on the weather though)...

I've NEVER fished there before..

...Has anyone been out there lately?...has it been productive?

..Plan is to flick some good ol Birkley gulps and fresh prawns..2 set ups.. 1 SP and 1 bait...

..Any advice, suggestions, ideas... ?

Thanks in advance! :beersmile:

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Hi Ritchie

I suppose you know the little sandy beach at the bottom of the track which starts at the side of the carpark where there is a gate at the front which leads to the old railway workers cottages. You'll snag up a lot less there and its more or less adjacent, slightly back from the reef up from the red marker, and you'll be fishing well away from the pylons and relying on reef traffic. I'd say try a 3/8 jig head if its not running too fast, otherwise pick a larger lure size with weight too suit the swimming action.

Fish off that little beach on both tides, you never know what your luck will bring.

I hope I have been of some help to you Ritchie.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Hi Jewgaffer,

I have a rough idea of where abouts of this car park.. but i'd probably end up driving around for abit to find the exact spot :)

Im thinking of taking the exit before the bridge (coming from sydney side) off F1 and then drive towards the water (there's a roundabout as well?) ...where a small wharf is?... Do i make sense? :)

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Hi again Ritchie. The track has a gate just inside the start of it that you can enter from the inside of the car park at Brooklyn station. If the gate was ever locked there was and still is I think a retired worker who has a house down there who used to drive up and open it to let my car in and save me the walk.

Drive into the carpark at the shops just before the dead end of Brookyln Road. There is car access to the rail workers cottages down that track and the track branches off on the left hand side of the carpack and goes right down alongside the railway line on the Brooklyn side.

The only wharf or jetty that I know of down there are the old square remnants of rock foundations that I used to fish off and the remnants are still there today. It is a square platform of rock remnants that juts out into the water not far from the brdge, there is no other wharf or jetty.

You can fish off the remnants and it's been a good jew spot for me, however down river a little and wide of it in a boat is easier to fish. The beach I mentioned in my previous post is better fishing all round and I've had better jew results there ove the years than the remnants. If you're fishing on the remnants landbased, you'll snag almost every cast unless you hook up on a fish to get you out of trouble.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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