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Lane Cove River Jew 11/12/08 - Wooohooo


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Hey guys been waiting AGES for this

First of all would like to thank jewgaffer (byron) for his help and talk on the phone for helping me catching this elusive fish. Your a true legend and i owe everything to you.

I woke up this morning and looked outside and it was pissing down... I remembered jewgaffer telling me that the fishing is good after a good days rain..... Lowtide was at 2:30... so i rigged up my lines at 9:00 and checked all the fishing reports and went back to sleep... Woke back up at 1:00 , drove down to fig tree bridge and set a rod out while i was flicking a big plastic.

I was using squid that i had caught awhile ago... but they were still fresh as they were vacuumed sealed.

As soon as I arrived i set out the baitrunner with a squid strip and using byrons advice using a two hook rig.

The tailor were everywhere and they were picking the squid to bits till there was nothing left.... The same story went by for another 2 hours.... By this time it was around 3ish....

This time i chucked out a full squid ...... 10 minutes went by and while i was flicking around a 5inch jerkshad... i saw some mullet in front of me just leap out of the water... they wernt small ethier.... the water turned to glass and i had a funny feeling.....

Put down the softplastic rod and lit up a smoke....

and then BANG ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZz all hell broke loose and he was heading straight for the pylons... i thumbed the spool and turned his head.. after zig zagging all over the place ... 10 minutes later finally gaffed him..

Stoked!! Once again thankyou so much byron!



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Well done Brad!

Ain't it good when a well thought out plan happens, and a good read too mate.

I've just finished watching a jewie video, and i'm after e'm this week end.

Hope my plan turns out the same way. And i had hoped to catch up with byron on monday just gone but it want to be (shame that). Funny thing bout ol mate Jew Gaffer he's steered a lot of fellas in the right direction but has been a bit luckless him self, I see a big karma dump comming his way.

Lata Raida.


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Well done Brad :thumbup: Do you know what low tide stillwater and early run in jewfish hookups up river means ??

It means resident jewfish Brad! :1yikes::1yikes: Keep on getting yourself up to the upriver side of Figtree on the early run in and you'll soon get hit by the school size fish around 7kilos and upwards.

Good work mate, the old tight leader two hook rig pulls the head shank and your leader flat down onto your bait, and the jewfish won't stand a chance of spitting your bait out if you always use that rig, that's for sure.

By the way you're so proud in the photo that I can almost feel the goose pimples in your forehead and I swear blind they are slowly raising your hat. :D

Cheers :thumbup:

jewgaffer :1fishing1:

kiwi waynie I will get a jew session together in my Savage side console when my back is better :thumbup:

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Congrats on achieving a damn fine jewie Brad! :yahoo::thumbup:

It will only be a matter of time before you catch them consistently. Keep up the great work mate!

Well done Byron ... no greater feeling of satisfaction than the one you get from helping a fellow fisho :biggrin2:



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well done mate! what a great feeling to land a half decent jew especially when you have perservered for a while,and good on ya byron for passing on great info as usual, I dont know how 1 man can know so much about jewfish but I am glad your a raider so we get to share in your knowledge!


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