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The Ethics Of Entering Burley Trails!


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"Is there a code of ethics regarding boats entering an obvious burley trail of another boat?" It could also be asked, "Is it ethical to back down on top of a school of bait which is 'under' another boat, to drop down a livey?"


No matter what the 'real' answer is, there is a need to respect fellow anglers in their pursuit of gamefish. Opinions differ greatly here, especially in comps. when it's 'all on the line!"

To address the first code of ethics relating to "the burley trail", you could also include "to what distance is seen as 'reasonable"??????? I have no answer except that some boats, seem to think that a burley trail is a current line which they then proceed to troll up and down!

Some boats can't resist the temptation that when spotting another boat "in the middle of no where", (with obviously large floats out) a close port of call on their way back to port! Most likely , just to have a 'sticky'!

Not only do they see the need to get close , but tend to go across the back of the drifting boat, rather than past the pointy end!

With the upcoming Port Stephens comp. , it will be entertaining once again, to see so many boats vying for position over the big ball off bait. Hoping the fish will be there along with them!

Good luck and keep a look out!


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Hi reelmagic

not sure there is a code of ethics but

some people just dont have common sense or respect for others

personally i would not do any of the things you just mentioned

treat people as you like to be treated i say

im sure if the shoe was on the other foot they would be the first to kick up a stink

goodluck in the comp


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