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Sydney Harbour 12th December


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Well finally a keeper for the season, and boy did i have to work hard for it.

Landed about 30-40 rats on sp's and then realised i needed bait!, went to my trusty spot offshore and landed one mumu within seconds, it took ages to get outside the norwester was blowing like mad, it was raining and the conditions were rough but i wasnt going to let that stop me from getting my squid. I landed one within 5 minutes and the mungrel squirted ink all over my console too...... :ranting2: after a pic of the squirt i headed back to spot x and downrigged some strips, a few more rats then finally a keeper of 65.1111111cm :thumbup:

Then another..... wohoooo :thumbup:

I even d-rigged a nice sambo... Was smoked by something HUGE too, felt like a snag on 15KG drag lock, but it had a few mamoth runs and finally got the better of me, lasted a good 10 minutes though.

A great day downrigging on my flathead gear!

I dont have any pics of the keepers casue by the time i got back my battery died, however i managed a few from the beggining of the day.


Thats the mess of my console :mad3:


Using my baitboard as a tripod :wacko:







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Dark skies, pretty average looking conditions, but your hard work paid off!

Congratulations on a couple of keepers amongst all those rats. It must have been a fun session. Persistance pays! :thumbup:

Great report and some nice photos too.



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Your one keen fisho out in these conditions today Olitay.. Congrats

Glad you finally got your keeper... im still yet to get mine this season.. bloody rats.. but can't wait for

few seasons and those boys will be HUGE... :1yikes:

And those bloody squid, looks like a nice mess to clean up.. or hopefully the rain got most of it off..!



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hey bludger got some good pic's, you love fishing friday's , rain hail or shine you will be out there , hey i will be over in feb for my bday guess we gotta get some fishing hey.

bludger!!! yoou made it to FR....... do a report on SWR.

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Good effort there Bro, I go out of the way to find bigger (10" plus) livies for the rigger, really wakes the big boys.

Now please don't think I'm being condescending but... you MUST lose that Scotty rod holder. It will snap sooner rather than later with_____well it doesn't take much imagination.

And none of us want to read yet another one of :1badmood: those :1badmood: reports

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Hey bud, you recon it will snap ah?? hmmm, may have to sort that out then!

Hi Olitay,

We were out as well on Friday....bit windy but we managed a few :beersmile:

I took out Billy(1975)....he should do a report soonish. :thumbup:



Hey Wacko, i saw you out there actually!!! looked like you were battling the noreaster on your way back into Balmoral, was gona catch up and say hi but it was just too blowy!!!!

See you out there again mate.

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Nice report.

+3 on the scotty holder.

Just take it off so your not even tempted to use it. I have had fixed plastic rod holders snap downrigging luckly didnt loose the outfit. Use nothing but strong heavy duty stainless.

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