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Black Head

jason baker

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G'day guys,

I'm heading to Black Head with the outlaws for a week or so over christmas. I was wandering if anyone had any tips?

I have a boat but I'm not sure if there are any ramps around there, would the nearest ramp be Forster?

I am very happy to fish off the beach and stones, this will probably be where the majority of fishing takes place as the fam are not wild boaties and tend to get a little sea sick.

Any tips greatly appreciated as I have not been in this area since I was a rugrat.



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G'day Jason

I believe FOrster (or even Taree) would be the options for putting a boat in. Chances are, fishing the rocks or beaches may be the better option - even at Black Head! NIce bommies up the northern end of Nine Mile Beach there. The lake here at FOrster gets flogged totally over XMas & you really need to be on the water before sun up or after dusk to really have a chance, as the fish get pretty shy. Having said that, if you get to some of the 'less fished' areas of the lake, or are prepared to fish the 'tackle endangered' areas, eg the leases etc, you will get into good fish, but must be prepared to lose some tackle.

GIve it a go - you may be surprised at just how good it can be! :) :)



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