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Botany 13dec


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After last week's fun with the Kings, Rod Hogger was once again busting to hit the Bay today. Seeing all the weather forecasts and listening to it pour down and blow a gale last I didn't really have high hopes. However there's nothing like the enthusiasm of a 8yr old to get you out there.

Woke up at 5.30 to hardly any wind so woke RH and quickly packed the boat. Hit the road at 6 and in the water at 6.30am. Off to our squid spot and the signs were not good - murky water, weed and then the showers hit us. :1badmood: Kept at it for 20minutes with no luck so went to Plan B (freshly frozen squid).

Had a squid head on the down rigger and a strip on a trolling sinker. Tried both areas we got fish at last weekend for zero. :thumbdown: 8am and no fish at all and RH is getting antsy. The wind is picking up a little by this time so last roll of the dice and we head off to spot No3. Good balls of bait showing on the sounder so down go the baits. 5 minutes into the run and the downrigger finally goes off. :yahoo: RH does a Tarzan impersonation by screaming at the top of his voice to tell everybody at Penrith he is away and leaping for the rod.

30lb braid on a stiff drag setting peels off and takes as much toll on RH as on the fish as I get yelled at by RH to "Get the down rigger up!", "Pull in the Other rod", "Drive the boat into the channel", "Move out of the way". The fish is not making huge runs but slugging it out deep. RH finally gets most of the line back and we see the fatest Salmon ever lugging it out down deep. Seriously, this fish had a gut on it and we named her "Jenny" just before release (Jenny Craig ...) RH finally gets "Jenny" to the net and after a few photos she waddles off for more all-you-can-eat banquet lunches.



We turn the boat around and head back and for the next 30 minutes have some more fun with a couple of Salmon and a few Rat Kings also making an appearance. Eventually a couple of boats appear and ruin our down rigger run but by that time RH is complaining of his sore wrist again (I think he does it to rub it in). No great numbers today but certainly good fun. Just got the boat organised again for tomorrow in case the weather looks crappy again ...



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Great to see the enjoyment in the smile on the young fellas face. Makes the effort all the more enjoyable when the young ones have a go. Congratulations on a great day out there.

Hoping to get out there tomorrow Sunday if the conditions are favorable.



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