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Illawarra Bass


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First Post. First Bass.

Headed out Saturday morning with Rick up Maq Rivulet fairly confident of snaring a Bass given the forecast of 30 odd. Rick was very keen to catch his first and deliver his wife 'a delicious Bass'. Unfortunately the rain dirtied up the water and it was abit slow. Just the one bite and one Bass caught and it went to Rick (which was released... the wife will have to wait).

After an hour we headed up the Mountain to try our luck in one of the small trout streams on the highlands. After abit of a hike in we found some decent looking water however, again, it was muddied up by the rain and not looking promising. Rick managed a couple of hits but nothing caught. We moved to another stream, this time no bites but one rainbow sighted.

Took a couple of pics, hopefully I manage to attach them.




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