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Just Picked Up The New Boat


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took it for a spin and went like a dream!

Sorry for the lack of detail I was trying to get the daughter off to sleep.

I have had on order for two months a Stessco Skipper run about and I put a 40hp suzuki four stroke on her. AWESOME!

It is a 4 metre runabout and I will be taking picks tomorrow! I also learnt the hard way that it is best to stay inside the markers...the prop got a couple of teeth...just small ones nothing a file won't fix.

photos tomorrow.




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Congratulations Paddy69!

She looks awesome. Been there done that as well as far as the prop concerned, also on the very first trip. Hard not to worry about it and keep that brand new look about them.

Watch the money leap out of you wallet! New fishfinder, GPS, fishing tackle incl rods and reals, rope, engine covers, boat covers, 1st service, accessories, the list goes on and on :1prop:

Get a system set up each time before and after getting into/out of the water. Check and double check everything.

Remember: BUNGS!!! she won't float too well without them, trust me.

Here is a picture of mine, very similar, look forward to seeing you on the water!


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