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First Kingfish


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If i didn't know any better i would have said that catching Kingies was a breeze........

thats what it seemed like when Wacko took me out last week

Catch the bait (squidies), rig them up on a downrigger, troll for 5-10 m, hook up on a fish, get you arms nearly ripped out of the socket, boat the fish, EASY.

Did this for a couple of hours for about 15 kingies, most in the 70-78cm mark :1prop:

sounds easy, but i think most of you know that it takes years of accumlated knowledge and time on the water to make it look that easy, thanks Jack.

on the way back to the ramp, hit a school breaking up on the surface and had fun on light gear landing a mix of fat sambos and rat kings,

you don't get many better days fishing :thumbup::yahoo::thumbup::yahoo:

i know you've all seen one before but the photos are my first couple of kingies. ( for the record my very first was 59cm, these are 75 and 78) and yes i still can't wipe that smile off my dial


ps kept 3 for mum and dad and relos



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go hard man well done on the kings top job just gos to show it aint as easy as it looks you really have to know these fish billy and i have been out half a dozen times chasing kings for nuthn yet 1 trip with a guy who know wat hes talking about and wam 15 kings in a cpl of hours just awsome congrats again on your first king billy and trust me guys and gals he is tickle pink about it he hasnt stoped talking about it im so jelouse


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