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Trout Lures


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I actually prefer the Brown Trout pattern, all though its getting hard to find.

Also had success with 3" Bass Minnows, mainly in the Smelt pattern and 2" Berkley Hawgs. The Hawgs are great when polaroiding cruising fish, very lightly weighted or unweighted and cast in front of a fish. Fly Fishing for spin men!



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My go-to trout plastics would have to be the 2" hawgs, closely followed by bass minnows fished either weightless or with resin heads. 1" Nymphs fished with a floating jighead across the surface can be the undoing of some good trout also

Have like the other guys caught them on squidgy fish but this has mainly been in impoundments whish I don't chase trout in regularly.


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