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First Sp Flattie Session Ever!


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Hi all!,

yesterday went out with my lil bro on my day off for a flick with sp's

Location: Leichardt Bridge/Five dock area

Bait: Soft Plastics 3" Minnows pumpkinseed (THE SHIZZZZZ)

Target: Flathead

arrived at the place around 1:30pm and the tide was going out (low tide @ 5pm)

set up and started flicking, i read somewhere that after about 10 flicks covering a certain area with no bites u have to keep moving (the art of SP fishing)

so thats what i did all day,

first hook up was a baby 20cm flathead that was happily released after a photo (on my phone)

my stupid camera started to cark itself, so i couldnt get any photos in the day >< SPEWING

we kept moving and kept flicking, then 30mins later my brother got hit by a nice 55cm model (his pb)

and then shortly another @ 50cm (perfect eating size)

as we kept moving around the walkway, we kept flicking and then eventually i got onto a nice 57cm model!! my PB on sp's lol

then as we moved on my little brother (silly boy) was walking with the rod pointed down and then all of a sudden ***SNAPPPP***

my pflueger graphite rod lost its tip... NOOOOOOOOOOO

after that we called it a day at the dead of low tide (5pm)

went home with 3 nice size flatties for eating which i converted into

lightly floured/pepper/lemon/chilli flakes and deep fried very quickly

had them with nandos peri peri sauce *mmmm*

im going back there next week (hopefully) lol





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Mate Good Work!

I'm sorta from around that area in Ashfield and have thrown in a line around Rodd point Five Dock area back in winter.

I didn't have any luck back then and i just wrote the place off as being to shallow. (Boy was i ever wrong)

If you do get some free time on a weekend and want some company then IM me if you like.

(I don't normally ask other fishos to drop a line with me but lately when i don't have my son i go by myself and well you know it gets a little dull when the fish are not on the bite)

Bad luck about the your rod too.

Mate hope you have enough to get another and get a line in the water soon.

Take care.


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chopper75: yep for sureeeee i got burnt abit that day, couldnt find my fishermans hat!

Dougs77: yeah sure, happy to meet raiders whilst fishing. that place is good, u just have to keep working it

10 cast in a certain area, if nothing leave, and keep flicking, thats what we did!

and voila!

hazza: its the road you take when ur going towards the anzac bridge, u'll see parking on the left, i saw someone else out there flicking sp's dunno if he had any luck but yeah if u want more info pm me

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