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Fishing Hawkesbury


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Going fishing hawkesbury this weekend with the old man

Just bought our new boat and gona try and get into some jewies and maybe some flathead

HUGE thanks to Jewgaffer the guy really knows his stuff and has been a great help in the past with me and the old man getting into some jewfish from the beaches

Will post a report if we get into some fish over the next 3 weeks due to us having christmas holidays were gona be fishing most of it

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........ill be out there soon enough, just hope the traffic won t be so bad over the holiday period

Hi Jewfishnetter! Thanks JFish, I am glad I was of some assistance to you and your Dad in getting onto your first jewfish off the beach including that 15kilo specimum as shown in your report earlier this year. It wasn't due to any effort on my part, it was your own perseverence that paid off in the end.......... You and your Dad were simply fishing with the right set up, in the right location, in the right conditions and it seems staying on longer than the time frame you had..........

You have to exhaust all the high tide possibilities and you did, including fishing the shallower water at the sides of the gutter and that's what paid off for you......... Jewfish are a big lazy fish, smart in ambush, however very slow by comparison to other predatory fish. Most of their communal food has to be rounded up as a school, or cornered and manhandled with the assistance of others in the pack, so if you catch one out in the open it would be more than likely that twenty one were there......... Most of the time jewfish spend in the surf is fossicking and raising beach worms or cornering smaller fish forced out with the tide...... However when fish are there, a pack of hunting jewfish going along a beach will hound just about everything that can't make it to cover. If there are heaps of say whiting along long seven mile beaches and the whiting are still there after the first couple of hours of the run out tide every day over a segment of time, it would be hard to find jewfish there, and naturally next time whiting or similiar where constantly there during that tide period it would be best to fish where there are nearby rocks involved.

As to fishing for jewfish at the moment we are relying on the jewfish that are currently in the system. Unfortunately they have been of soapie size fish acclimatised to the periphery, yet to young to fend outside, with only scattered signs of incoming jew that have managed to stay in the proximity of our main heads.......I would say those have already been in the system, the potential incoming fish having migrated away from the Sydney area due to the long periods of near record cold weather that all but wiped out Autumn as a season and winter was even too cold this year for incoming hairtail, and Autumn is the prime time for jewfish to school up and breed in rivers as is winter time on the warmer north coast.

We are still experiencing spring conditions and springtime is not the season in which jewfish migrate into an estuary. August and September are the quietest months of the year for the movement of jewfish schools into Sydney and estuaries to the south.

We need a week or two of genuine summer weather to bring the summer schools back into Sydney, that is if they are close enough to come in to this area this year, otherwise we need adverse conditions to the north to encourage jewfish to come into our area.

When true summer sets in let's hope the usual hundreds of summer jewfish come into the Hawkesbury and give the river back its reputation as being the home of resident jewfish.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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