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Who's Girlfriend Can Beat This?


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Hey raiders,

This post is devoted to a unbelievable catch made by my girlfriend while fishing off south head with a live yellowtail in search of kings.

In her words:

"all of a sudden i heard the almightly ZZZZZZZZZ... so ladies first i got hold on the rodd and off it went... the fish took about 5 screamin runs, my arms were about to fall off but with a bit of perserverance in bout 7 mins the 9 kilo baby was on board... i was very tired but very happy fisherwomen!"

The stats:

30lb threadline baitrunner

9kg snapper



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Awesome is the only word I can think of that will do any justice.

Fantastic effort for the Snapper.

Fantastic effort for the King also.

Lets hope this doesn't become one of those "mines bigger than yours" arguments.

Well done to the Ladies.


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