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Botany Bay Kings 17 / 12 / 08


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Hi Everyone ,

Well I went for a fish last week and the water was really dirty and the weather was bad but did manage to find this boat washed up on the rocks it seemed strange so I called water police and was told it got washed up there last Sunday week not sure what happened but was told the guys got out of it alive. The boat was near cape banks if anyone saw it .


Camera work Courtesy of my mate fish.

Well today I went to see if the big tides and swells from the weekend had moved the boat and yes it was GONE ….. My guess never to be seen again . :05: So went to target the kingfish that eluded me the other week and as always grabbed some fresh live baits . With the Bay being so dirty with all the rain , Big tides and DE-SAL work it was so hard this morning but Thomas and myself persisted and eventually had a few in the live tank . . . Now even the fishing was slow must have towed the first livie half way round the bay and back before the rod buckled and a 5kg kingfish was boated . :thumbup: . . Now it was my mate Thomas to have his go at hopefully being connected to a big king and without fail the rod buckled and another king was onboard …. Another 5 kg Kingfish :thumbup: . . . Off we go again and the rod buckles again this time I get a salmon . So with the last bait we took off again and the rod buckled for Thomas again , and another 5 kg Kingfish hit the deck :thumbup: . . So all up with a lot of patience and persistence we turned a fishless day into an eventful one …. Now I hope santa has a Big Kingfish waiting for me before Christmas….

The Water in the Bay is a cold green looking water and home it improves before the weekend .


First King of the day


Thomas with his First


Thomas with his second


3 Kings at 80 cms

Cheers Dogtooth…….. :1fishing1: John……. :beersmile:

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Well done Dogtooth, you always seem to produce some good looking kingies.

Have the rats invaded botany like the harbour?



Plenty of Rats in the bay at the moment but not getting them fishing for the bigger kings as the baits are to big for them .....

Cheers John....

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