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Nice Safe Public Jetty At Balmain


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Hi all

I have some friends that will be in Balmain this weekend (I'm heading down with my boat for a well earned weekend of anything but work!)

They have a young boy who we'd like to get onto the boat & into the harbour but he is VERY skitish & a nervous disposition. Is there a jetty or such close to balmain where I can set the boat & patiently try & coax the young fella onboard? I'll be coming from Rose Bay but the closer I can get to Balmain the better.

Preferably I need somewhere I can put the boat with easy jetty access (Like Rose Bay Boat Ramp) that is suitable to stay tied to for about 1/2 hour (Hope nowhere near that but if he's too nervous we may need to spend some time trying to make him feel comfortable)

Any advice would be much appreciated. I just don't want to lob at a busy area only to feel rushed into moving off too soon.

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Can't help you with a specific wharf ( will send you a PM) but we have had the same with a friends child so we let them play the day before in the boat in the backyard with jackets on while we cleaned the boat. Not sure if that is possible but kids love mimicking dads. We just sat in boat and had a beer and as soon as they wanted to be up with us they had to get a jacket on.

Can't think what the neighbours thought - 2 half cut blokes in the boat with a couple of kids in the boat with jackets and rods out all making boat and water noises. Girl spraying us with thye hose. Actually they probably thought it was just the "nieghbours" on the juice again.

Kids worked out they couldn't get in without a jacket on and in the week following it was no real hassle. Really easy to terrify the young blokes so we try and keep them occupied where they feel like they are in control an sit em on knee at the helm with hands on the wheel asking where they want to go. We went in circles a bit at slow speed and worked up to it. If you can arrange it at a picnic area it would be good as then there is no downside and the kids don't feel the pressure if they can't bring themselves to do it. Having a slightly older child reassuring and enjoying themselves is a good idea.

Got to say it was a lot easier to do with the parents being relaxed about it and having a backup of a shore set out.

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Gday Mate,

I would suggest the warf next to Dawn fraser Pool. It is easily accessed freom Fitzroy Street. It is not used by the ferries.

Hope this helps


Balmain Bob

Thanks for jogging the memory Bob. :biggrin2:

I was thinking of that same wharf when I first read this thread.

I'm pretty sure it's Elliot St wharf (that's what we used to call it anyway!). Very protected & quiet. Not a bad livie spot either.

The good thing about there is the big park just up the road, above the pool. If it all goes pear shaped with the young fella you can always have a picnic.

Thames St wharf could be another option.



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Hey guys thanks for the replies. Excellent.

I'll be launching from Rose Bay as thats where my Brother-In-Law lives. I suppose the outlaws come in handy now & then :1prop:

As for your tips Pelican on settling him down, they are great & I will be trying my best to just keep everyone relaxed.

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