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Broken Bay Offshore Saturday 26th Feb 2005


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G'day lads,

woke up this morning, rolled over and looked at the bedside table. Now why is that clock radio flashing? I asked myself. Suddenly the dots connected. Power failure, last night! Alarm's not working. And I'm meant to be down at the boat! Thank heavens I'd already loaded the gear into the car. Tore down the Bobbin Head road like Gelignite Jack Murray, and pulled up with a screech of brakes.

Pedro and Darryl were already waiting, and kind enough not to give me the dirty looks I deserved. We loaded our kit into the tinny and headed off down Cowan. On the approach to Flint and Steel some splashes were spotted, just off the point marker. We pulled up, broke out the light gear, and got stuck into the choppers and frigates. The action went quiet and off we went again, to West Head.

A tank full of yakkas was quickly acquired and off we went, past the Joey. On rounding the point it was pretty obvious that a long run offshore was out of the question. The southerly was building steadily and some fairly steep whitecaps were about. We turned south into the swell, put up the outriggers and ran out some marlin lures, on two 24s and a 15.

We didn't have long to wait. Strikes came steadily- not marlin, but chunky striped tuna, up to 4-5 kilos. On the heavy gear they provided plenty of excitement, without giving us too much trouble. With the seas still building we turned for home and were back in by 12. Another good day, looking forward to a couple more next week. Cheers to all, Andrew



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Nice one guys & congrats on your first toooooona Pedro. Give you tip mate :biggrin2: turn them upside down for unhooking & carrying to kill tanks or bridling them up for live bait etc. They go still when you invert them & makes them a lot easier to handle.

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