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Oil In Fuel

flatty hunter626

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Most oils have a dye in them so if you get some fresh fuel and put it in a glass and then some from the tank in another glass next to it you should see a colour difference. Some have a distinctive smell.

Now if this bloke can't remember I would also be suss if he put the right amount in.

If in doubt - dont.

Have done this before. With the portable tanks we have a family rule that they never get filled with fuel unless the oil is in them and put in by the person filling it. It has meant a few extra trips up the road instead of filling up on the way home but it is much better than a seized motor.

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Just as a further point some of the different brands of petrol are coming with different colours in them. Not sure if it is treatment of the underground tanks or if it the fuel companies distinguishing between different types but colour can be a bit inconsistant ( like fuel itself). It may be a difference between imported or ethanol stuff I am not sure.

The dye in the oils is pretty distinct though but can't tell the dosage so I hope it just wasn't the remainder of oil in the tank or the oil slurry you sometimes get in the bottom of tote tanks.

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