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hey raiders going out in the harbour on sunday is there any where in the harbour to drift for flatties.Dont know the harbour that well any tips would be gratefull

Flathead are everywhere and everywhere in between, if it be Drifting.. SP's.. even relaxing on a bank with a whitebait out... at this time they are there.

So my bet would be throwing SP's around the edge of any weed bed or structure... you cant fail., drifting just about anywhere will score you a fish.

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I would do drifts in the area from washaway beach over to Dobroyd.

Always pick up flatties in that general area drifting. Got a few nice flounder there recently as well.

At the same time your in with a chance of a school boiling up around you so have a rod rigged ready to flick a lure or plastic at em.

Good luck


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