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More Kings Today

King slayer

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Hi Raiders,

Went out today at 9am after a big day (chrissy party) followed by a big sleep. Tried for livies briefly in bantry and among some other moorings, but none there.

So off to more familiar territory and nabbed a nice little Calamari at Dobroyd and two bigger ones in north harbour. That's all I need, so tried a wreck, which was sounding fish, but no takers there, then to north head marker which produced about 8 rats in a short time. Good fun as always, they were taking fresh squid strips about 2-3m below the surface amongst swarms of bait fish. Funily enough the med size live squid pinned down lower was left alone!

They went off the bite so decided to try towing some baits through the moorings in middle harbour on the way back home. Towed a big (approx 25cm hood) calamari on one side and a strip on the other. Al the way from clontarf to the bluff and right on the other side of the bluff the strip goes off, as I'm boating the rat, the big squid is taken :thumbup: I knew it had to be a decent one to swallow the bait, so had him rigged on 24kg outfit.

boated that one he went 75cms and put up a good show.

I drifted over the same spot with very small squid strips, wings, guts until it all ran out, got a hit every drift and boated another 2 rats with a few getting off.

All up a fun day, back by 2.30pm with fish for the family. Pic below.

I love kingies, thank christ for summer!

Hope you all do well on the weekend, the kingies are still on fire.



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Well done matey, great seeing you out there today, next time ill stop and have a chat. Didn't know you were a raider!

Hey there i remmeber you i own that boat in the back ground what a spin out to see my boat in the back ground of some ones pic cheers steve.

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