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Kelso Park Weed


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Hey all,

I was hoping someone may be able to point me in the right direction. I'm interested in trying my hand at blackfishing. I have the rig, got some good tips off a few people, know a few spots to try but can't seem to find the bait. I've seen on this forum and also heard off a guy I saw blackfishing, that I can get some weed at Kelso park. I went down today at low tide and checked on the river end and in the park but couldn't locate it. If anyone knows could you please let me know or anywhere around this area to get some, I pretty keen to give it a crack.



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Cheers, Thanks Pete. Not too sure where that is but I'll look it up. If anyone else out there knows where abouts in Kelso Park to get the weed, feel free to PM me and I won't tell a soul :1prop:

kissing point ramp is in the parra river near homebush bay drive.

As you cross the bridge heading towards victoria rd, the ramp and ferry stop is to your right.

Its a little bit tricky to get to from homebush bay drive, but with the help of a UBD you should work it out - good luck.

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