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Fitting Carpet


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I used contact adhesive when i did mine, If you want to remove it just do a few strips or large patches of glue instead of doing the whole area, that way you can lift it and remove the old strips and patches of glue with less fuss, i don't know what else you can do, if you don't glue it it will constantly bunch up and move around and be dangerous.

you could also possibly use heavy rubber mats with the checkered shape holes instead of carpet as it won't bunch up and move around as much if at all.

Hope this helps

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Hi Garry,

Tha carpet in my boat is laid without adhesive but has aluminium strips running front, back and middle to hold it in place. this is held down with screws so it is east to remove the screws and then lift the stips and then the carpet.

they appear the be the type of strips you would on your home carpet when you edge it at a doorway or if you were edging up to floor boards.

this might be another way of doing it.

Cheers Sunnyboy

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Velcro !

if you can, screw some velcro strips to the floor in strategic locations & glue some to the underside of the carpet.

A word of warning though, I am yet to find a suitable durable adhesive for this job.

the alternative would be to sew the velcro to the underside of the carpet.

good luck with whatever you work out.

Merry Christmas

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I used no adhesive or screws when I recarpeted my boat , with the exception of the seat pedastals. The carpet at the rear of the boat hasnt budged an inch , even when vacuumed with an industrial vac. To remove , I can just take out the seat screws , and pull the whole lot out in one hit .


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