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Brooklyn Blowout!


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Hi raiders,

took my :wife: girlfriends son in law (richard) and grandson (jarrod) fishing at booklyn this morning.

Arrived about 6am and went straight to one of my favorite run out jew spots. We put out a couple of squid baits with no luck except for a couple of small snapper caught by jarrod on prawns.

At 8am decided to round up some fresh bait to go with the frozen prawns so we went to my secret mullet spot and caught 6 mullet and a garfish by 9am - then the wind started! By the time I arrived out near patonga it was a complete blowout, we tried unsuccessfully for about 1 hour but the wind was blowing in the opposite direction to the current and we decided to try the back of dangar instead managed a fairly good drift with the wind and current both going in the same direction but the flathead didnt want to play! jarrod lost the only keeper at the boat when it opened its mouth spat the hook and sat there looking at us for a few seconds, I had a swipe with the net and managed to get it in and straight back out again -DOH! :ranting2:

highlights were Jarrod out fished both richard and myself and managed to catch his first ever fish ( even if it was undersized!) 2 small snapper, a small flathead and dropped a keeper at the boat - he was stoked! that was the idea behind the fishing trip after all. :thumbup:


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