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Good Places For Squid In Pittwater?


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hi all was just wondering if anyone could tell me some good places for squid in pittwater please...in particular im trying to find where in bayview is good - is it off the tiny wharf there at the marina next to the pool? or is it near the boat ramps at the dog park? or am i in completely the wrong spot? if someone could show me on google maps/earth it would be awesome thankyou very much

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thanks thats my question though...im a bit confused as to where bayview boat ramp is - is it this place next to the marina? or one of the boat ramps near the dog park (there are 2 or 3 thats whats got me confused)........also, do they even turn the light on at night if it is that wharf thing ive shown on here? thanks


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Yeh matty hes talkin about the ramps to the right of the one your looking at

the Jetty that jewfish mentions is next to where ive marked boat ramp on the map below

and they turn the lights on at both spots at night

i live about 2min away from here its a nice spot :)

heres a pic and the link to the map


Bayview Boatramp


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hey mate thanks heaps for that :) will give it a go in the next few days

is it only at night that they're generallythere or?

yeh best bet is at night too much noise around there from all the boats during the day

Theres also so good spots around Newport marina

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