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G'Day all!!

Saturday morning had a nice feel about it. Woke up at 3.30am, had a cup of coffee and two pieces of toast. Picked up my mate, who lives nearby, at 4.00am and then headed off to another mates house which all 3 of us piled into his car and with the boat in tow, we were on the road to the Hawkesbury soon after.

Got into the water at 6.00am with low tide at 9.30am. First we tried Sylvena Cove coz we had some success there previously, but this time we had no such luck. With the tide just about to turn we though we'd try a different spot. So we dropped anchor near the marker at Eleanors Beach, just off the point. Fished the first hour or two of the run-in tide using pilchards. Then all of a sudden BANG! I was off. Caught a 43cm flattie. My mate then decided he wanted to move coz of the boat traffic, so we stopped in at the railway bridge. Not long after I was on again. Another flattie, but this one was a personal best 52cm. :yahoo: Woo Hoo!!!!! I was wrapped.

Anyways, we left about 2pm and overall had a great day.

Oh yeah dinner was delicious too. :thumbup:

Safe holidays to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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