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My Kingdom For A Rod

jason baker

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Not something you see everyday...

9.30 am Wednesday

I have just seen a school of a dozen LARGE kingfish. Maybe not so unusual you say, but I saw them while I was jogging.

I estimate they were 80cm + and fat.

They were in three feet of water in the blazing sunshine in the cove beyond the Mosman marina, on the side where the car park for Mosman Rowers.

Cheeky buggers flopping about without a care in the world, I'm sure one of them stuck his tongue out at me...

If I had had a stick it could have been sashimi for lunch.

Its a bit of a grotty little cove and previously I have been suprised to even see the odd toad in there so was pretty shocked to see these kings cruising in there.

They seemed to picking at the oysters on the rocks around the sides.

Needless to say this has made my day. I've haven't seen a kingy in the 'wild' before (lookout it's pretty wild in Mosman), these ones were literally four feet away.

Magnificent fish, amazing to see.

Was quite excited, only slightly heart broken not to be able to try and catch one... have not caught a kingy yet, and to land one this size would have made my year.

I don't know weather this will produce an avalanche of fishos down to Mosman, probably not, I'm tipping the boys are not regular visitors there. Might be worth a shot, I'd probably give my left one for a couple of fish that size.

I'm about to head to Blackhead with my boat, can't wait to do do some fishing, if I even see another fish that size this Christmas I will be happy.

Anyway a very cool thing to see and great to see fish like that just kicking around in our harbour.

What have I learned? Screw jogging, go fishing.

Have a great Christmas, happy fishing.



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