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Harbour Again 23/12/08


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hit the harbour today for about a squillion Rats, one keeper king 78cm, One HUGE Dusting :mad3::mad3::mad3: , and a few tailor and slamon. (fattest salmon i have ever seen)

The squid were on fire today and the Rats even more so. Towed a huge Squid for peckers to only smash him up.

Then got smoked on the strip that came from him. (35cm long strip)

Went to north head for some fun, Towed along an Massive Cuttle (at least 2 kg) and ended up hooking a hungry 60cm rat!!!!!! AGAIN!!!! There were about 20 other kings on the surface following this little fella, all about the same size... :tease: Kept him in the water and threw out my trusty Breambuster and 6lb combo with plastic.. How much fun!!!!!!! landed another 10 or so like this.

this was it for the day, few missed hits, a dusting and one good fish.

No pics, Fished solo again and too busy to take photos.

Saw a few fellow raiders out there at the usual haunts... Hi!!!!!


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