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Tuna, Dollies, Bonnies, Kingies And More


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An early 6am start in Botany we were greeted with a breeze. As we set outside the rolling waves and spray in the boat confirmed that we were in for an uncomfortable time out :hitsfan:

Out in 40mtr outside Botany we started our drift for flathead. This place generally fires however today we only managed 4 flathead just reaching the 50cm mark in 2 hours. As the fishing was slow we set off to a FAD just only a couple of km’s out. Trolled around and had a couple of casts out with BM’s to zilch.

Decided to stick to the original plan and do the usual troll from the Hacking down to Garie beach but this time since it was a bit rough we thought we would start the spread of lures outside of Botany since we wanted to take it easy.

Good call it was to, 5 mins later dropped the 1st Mac Tuna (3-5Kg specimen) :thumbup: then spread out again than our 1st triple hookup on very fat Mac Tuna’s. We used a combination of skirts and hardbodies and all worked perfectly. By the time we reached Bate Bay we already had 7 tuna’s and 4 flathead. We then came across an eruption on the surface. Take the bream gear out but only seemed to hook up on slimies.

Reached the hacking and just on Jibbon we scored 2 kingies just legal, just passed jibbon again there was surface activity this time we could see the kingies feeding on the surface (much bigger fish) but disappeared as soon as we got there.

By the time we got to Marley beach (I think that’s what it’s called) we had already picked up a salmon, 50cm tailor a bonnie and I think a spotted mac but the swell was just getting bigger so we turned around and headed back to Botany.

Again, same place as before we started to boat Mac’s but this time we picked up a small dollie of about 40cm, then I got my 1st dollie again same size :thumbup: . (didn't think dollies would come in so close). We were only about a 2-3 Kms out of Bate bay. Tried going back to the FAD outside botany but couldn’t sight it anywhere as it was a bit rough.

Called it a day at 2.30 with a total bag of 12 Mac Tuna’s, 2 kingies, 4 flathead, 2 dollies, salmon, tailor, striped or spotted tuna, bonito….. what a mixed species. Top day’s fishing but could have been better with the weather

Sorry no pics, I did have the camera but could not be bother taking it out as at times it was just hectic :biggrin2:


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Bashir, didn't even think of it but you are right, something must have been pushing them up. We did sight dolphins but they were huge, maybe small whales, don't know.

Kikila, we used a combination of skirts ranging to about 10cm overall size and Halco 190's in red/white

Steve who took us out on Saturday is there again right now. He has just started his troll so I'll keep you updated


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thanks fellas, it sure was a great session, one I needed in a long time.

With a new job and changes at home it's been difficult to get out lately but this trip made it.

Are Mac Tuna's any good to eat or should I save them as bait


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