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Replacing Bearings


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I want to pick up a set of spare bearings for my trailer. It is a brooker trailer that carries a 4.5m brooker open boat. Does anyone know whether they would use ford or holden bearings.

The axle is approx 50mm round.


What wheels does it have? Holden or Ford?that will tell you what Bearings and hubs it is running!

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The wheel type has nothing to do with the bearing type. My boat trailer has Ford bearings but Holden wheels and my box trailer has Holden bearings but Ford wheels.

The best way to go if you are not sure is to look at the number on bearing then use it to match to the right type.

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yes i agree with bfb my old trailer had the same thing ho;den wheels /ford bearings ;;;;check the number

Yep , the No's stamped on the bearings is the only way to go. The brand should also be stamped on the bearing.

You may need to go to an actual bearing supplier & they can cross reference the No's & supply a suitable replacement set.

If you go to a boating or trailer outlet they sell kits marked Holden or Ford & whilst the bearings may have No's stamped on the caseing it is unlikely they will be the same No's you have so you will be none the wiser.


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Guest Aussie007

just pull the outter bearing out give it a good clean in some petrol and take it into a car accessories shop they will match the bearing and give u the correct bearin kits and tell u what u have

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