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Harbour Sp Sesh Riverview


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Myself and Luderick Luke had a fun little harbour session early this morning on plastics. I was out for an hour before luke got there and as usual was struggling with the bream tho it's only my 4th time trying plastics on them. Luke turned up and is onto his first in the first 5 minutes!! I persisted with my little flick bait for a bit longer and finally decided to switch to what luke was using - a Gulp shrimp in new penny and soon after a nice bream grabs and I land my first legal on plastic :yahoo: In all the excitement I forgot to measure but we guessed at around 31cm. It didnt take Luke long to outdo me and he pulls a beauty at 35cm :thumbup: I had a quick break to go see the chiro while Luke fished on and cleaned up on many bream and a nice flatty at 45cm. I got back for the last of the runout and we both managed a couple of flattys around 46 - 47cm on squidgy fish - silver fox and black & gold. Heading back Luke manages a little flounder on a gulp shrimp in nuclear chook to wrap up a good session. Not that many fish for me but I'm stocked with a 31cm bream as my first legal on plastic, and only 2nd one caught.





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Well done YF & LL! Terrific results!! Congrats on your first legal bream on sp! That flounder looks pretty good too & the flatties fall to the good ol' Silver Fox & Black & Gold! Yaaaaay!! :)

Tight lines over the break



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