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Yakkas In The Bay


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did u catch any kingies?

if so, where?

and how did u catch the yakkas at towra?

Hey Fisheroo.Just go around Towra weed beds on the edges where it meets the sand.Anchor up and burley with bread and pilchards,but make it real fine so they dont get bloody full of your burley.And after a while they will come to you.Just use a small hook with some pilly on it,and a splitshot sinker about 30 cm above the hook.They love it.Perfect size too.Downrigging,and trolling with yakkas around Mol pt,the markers and the lighthouse are pretty crazy at times.The Kings are getting much bigger than last season.And theyll be bigger again next season.Its only a matter of time before the Kingy traps come back in.Theyll be in plague proportion within the next ten years.I wont be going out for a while as my bloody gearbox on the outboard is gettting rebuilt.Ill take some pics when i go out next mate. I fair dinkum love the Bay and the Georges.Top fish in this system.Thanks.

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