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Allways Have A Plan B


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hit mona vale at 6am this morning hopeing for some blackfish pussyfooting the rocks with the rising tide

grabbed 2 pillies out of the freezer as a plan B for bream

just as well not a bite from blackies so put a small tail of pillie on my blackie no8 hook and bang 1 large bream next cast same thing bigger bream then got busted by a even bigger one

put a bigger hook on no1/o and caught a smaller bream

ended up with 3 fish 35,32 and28cm




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Hi Peter,

Some beautiful looking bream there, YUMMY!!!

I would love to have a crack down there at monavale sometime.

I dont know the area down there really well so I might have to meet you down there some time soon and get some local knowledge.



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