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Bait Schools Chopper Tailor Sydney Harbour


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Hey Raiders,

Got the urge to throw a line in last night and headed to my usual harbour spot at 2am.

Arrived to no wind and perfect glassy water just on low tide, except that there was a lot of that photosynthesis light aglae thingo around which i had not seen much of around my local spot until last night.

Anyway proceeded to get yakkas and had 5 yakkas in the bucket by 3am.

Chucked two of the yaks out back on paternoster rigs and waited and waited and waited.

Checked then every 40-50 mins and replaced them with fresh yakka when it was required.

No takers on the yakkas :(

By 5.30am the wharf was light up enough to spot 3 very large masses of boiling bait fish being chopped up by tailor.

Soon the local birds were on to it also and the frenzied masses started getting closer and closer to my position.

Made a quick decision to dump the other lines out back and to have a go at flinging a metal slug (SureCatch Knight 20 gram) at the bait school.

I have never used a metal lure before and all i knew was what i had been told which was to crank the lure back as fast as possible and to try a twitch or two maybe.

Well anyway the metal worked and the tailor just seemed to got nuts over it!!!! :1yikes:

I cant begin to explain how much fun it was getting striked on the retrieve like this. Visual strikes and hookups!! Adrenalin pumping at 5.30am!! Whoa!! hoo!!! :yahoo:

Managed two chopper tailor 28cm approx in three casts (not keepers but still great for a first time go at metal slugs)

Not long after the bait school took off outside of casting distance.

I reckon if i had a kayak i could have kept up with the school and get some bigger chopper.

A birthday pressie for me in February i reckon!!!!

Take care all


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