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To Bleed Or Not To Bleed?


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Just interested to hear other raiders ideas on the topic of bleeding fish.

I have just been on a charter in NZ catching big Kingis. I was amazed when the skipper simply hauled them over the side, gave them a whack on the head to shut them up and then put them in the ice box.

When i asked him why he didn't bleed them he said he never bled Kings and thought they tasted better if they were left unbled. This was totally against what i had previously heard and also practised myself. I have always bled all of my fish straight away.

After having eaten my fish from the trip i have to say that it was pretty tasty and i might well now emply the same method myself.

Just wondering what other people do....

Also with the Dollie season about to start just wondering what people think is the best way of preparing a Dolphin fish once you get it on the boat?

I look forward to your views.



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We always bleed our fish, i guess its a bit more dependent on the type of fish. If its something that doesn't have a very good flesh like salmon or tailor then it needs to be bled, some others it isn't always necessary but still done because people believe it improves the quality of the flesh.

We went to Hawaii in July and got lots of dollies there and the charter guys were also fishmongers and sold them after giving us enough for dinner. They were not bled or hit over the head mainly because we would be dealing with a couple of fish on the line at once so they were just hauled on and put in a cooler bag. They still tasted good but you saw their colour faded really badly and the flesh wasn't that really white colour, just had gone a bit darker, most likely from not bleeding the fish so i would say bleed it and ice it for best quality or try both and compare.



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