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Hands Free Fishing - And It's Not A Hobie!


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Hi all

Just had to laugh when I saw this couple out 'fishing' on the lake recently!! :074:

Well, one of them was fishing! :)




The lake is absolutely full of boats just now &( not all know how to behave!! A buddy was knocked out of his boat when he was drifting & another boat rammed him .... and didn't even stop!! :thumbdown::ranting2:

He lost a rod/reel & lots of plastics - just hope it wasn't his xmas pressie rod - a tcurve & seido reel!

He got the name of the boat &the first 4 digits of the rego, so will report him! Both to police & waterways, I reckon!

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.....as we are now one coffee mug short...... :Funny-Post::Funny-Post:

Hi Cutloose - there have been so many boats around, I usually either don't go out in the yak cos it is just too dangerous, or I dash across the channel & hide in the leases somewhere! :1prop:



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