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Hello From A New Nube!


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Hey all!

Just found your site today!

Thought I would say Hello :biggrin2: to all and introduce myself.

My name is Craig, my partner is Monica.

We are situated at Sylvania NSW.

Most regular river visited would be Port Hacking followed by the Georges.

Favorite lake - Foster/Tuncurry

We love fishing but only have limited knowledge thus far.... perhaps you guys can help.

We only catch the common easy fish but we still enjoy it!

Got a decent boat to get out on the water.... will put a pick up tomorrow.


Craig & Monica.

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welcome to the best fishing site in australia you 2 and remember there are no stupid questions only silly answers

it is all here every thing you need to know all you have to do is ask and you will get several replys all trying to help

enjoy cherrs gary

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Hi all,

Thanks for the warm welcome,

I took some photos of our rig to show you all.

We've had this boat for almost three years now.

Before this boat we had a 11'6" Sea-al Supa Skua tinny with a 25 Tohatsu..... just a bit smaller!

and lot more uncomfortable.

We went fishing again today, yet again no decent catches in the old Port Hacking.... :thumbdown:

Just little Snapper, Yellow Tail, Trumpeter ...... not even the good old leather jacket were biting, that I keep for the old man. :1fishing1:


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