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Catching Eel In Sydney


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I'm not sure why you'd want to target eels, filthy things really, slimy tangle themselves through your lines to the max and often choke themselves, doubt these eels would be anything special on the plate either.

We've got quite a few though, you'll often find resident ones hanging around jetty's and they generally take bigger baits meant for something else. You could find them in the hawkesbury, a lot of people have them taking jew baits.

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They are everywhere =.= if u want some specific spots then try como bridge woronorer for those dirty filthy ones but there is one particular eel which actually tastes nice which i have caught in the hacking before and they are not filthy very beautiful and clean no sliminess :1prop: i think its a pike eel or something but if thost long and short fin eels take all u want they are pests to me :ranting2:


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There i one type of eel that looks like a pike, i think its a conger (or it looks like one) and there are loads at illawong, beautiful eating with butter and lemon but only bad thing is its really boney and mum said couldnt enjoy eating it coz of the bones. but you should probably takes them and eat them to clean up. most snags are actually big eels so try to take it in a little before you snap it.:D

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