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Ideal Lure Setup?


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Heya Guys,

I'm looking at refining my rig a little for better results with hard bodies and soft plastics, let me know what you think.

Currently I have an Ian Miller Finesse Bream 7.62 2PC and an old Shimano 4000 reel with some vanish line.

I'm looking at upgrading the reel to a Shimano Symetre 2500 with 4lb Fireline and a 8lb flurocarbon leader.

Should this work better then the current setup? Is a blood knot the best knot to use for joining the main line to the leader?



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I have the same rod/reel combo (thanks Santa ;) ) and it is fine for bream fishing and throwing flathead lures approx 1/8 oz.

I have loaded it with 2lb platypus and 4lb mono. I am using it for surface lures and soft plastics for bream.

The Double Uni knot, the Slim Beauty knot and the Albright knot are probably the three most popular knots used by forum members.



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